Thread: 8 knights problem.

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    8 knights problem.

    i read the problem given in array's chapter in deitel and deitel's book which said that the knights should traverse the whole chessboard and visit each box only once. I read it and was quite impressed but it's pretty tough to solve it. I solved the 8 queen problem but this sounds pretty tough.
    Please can anybody provide me the algorithm or some good link through which i can get help or may be a genuine hint that will help me?

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    Search the web for "Knights tour", and you'll find some thoughts on the matter.

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    The "N-Knights" problem is different than the "Knight's Tour" problem. Throw the right thing at Google at you'll find plenty of good links. Either, I think, is a subset of an NP-Complete problem. You'd probably do fine by "memorizing" a small number of solutions and breaking the board up into known chunks.


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