Thread: difference betwen vector/list

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    difference betwen vector/list


    Whats the actual difference betwen vector and list?

    When should I use each of them?

    As I remember I read somewhere that I should use vector when I want to access elements/objects in random order (in this case std::vector should be faster than std::list)?

    Are there any other rules when to use each?

    I use my container to store loads of data which is mostly accessed at the beginning or end of container.. Should I go for the list in this case for better preformance?

    Thanks for help!


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    std::vector is contiguous like an array, whereas std::list is, well, a linked list.

    Chapter 76. Use vector by default. Otherwise, choose an appropriate container

    Use a list when you plan on doing a lot of deleting and/or inserting into the middle of the list, otherwise vector is probably better if you plan on doing a lot of searching/sorting...

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    Well I can answer part for you. For efficient adding and deleting elements at either ends you shoud use a deque

    here's a link that might help:

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    I doubt list will be faster for your case. I'd stick with the vector unless you notice a specifically slow operation.

    Also, if you have data in one container, adding it to another and clear the first (as you mentioned in the other thread) is a very time consuming operation that will often counter any performance benefits you gain.

    A deque might also be good, but in my experience it was slower than vector, so I would stick to vector unless you are inserting and deleting a lot at the front.

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