Thread: Two quick questions

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    Two quick questions

    Please I'm a beginner and I would like an answer to two questions

    1.) what is the meaning of -> in C++

    2.) Also, what is a custom mask as it applies to image processing?

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    Ok, I can answer 1) -> is used to dereference a pointer and then access a member.
    So say you have
    someObj * myptr = new someObj;
    it is the same as doing (*myptr).someMemberFunction()

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    I have absolutely no idea of "custom mask as it applies to images" - that requires further context to clarify that - it could mean MANY different things [if this is a homework question, it's probably a explained in some sense in the literature you have for the course, and that gives it the right context].

    a->b is a shorter/simpler version of (*a).b

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