Thread: Error while compiling a C++ Project with Dev-C++ 5

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    Error while compiling a C++ Project with Dev-C++ 5

    I am sorry, that my first post in this board is a question - but hey, therefore a board like this usually exists, right

    First of all the context, so You can understand my problem.

    For a project in my university I need a program, which generates files automatically.
    - I need to generate up to 1.000.000 files
    - I need to generate single files up to the size of 1.000 GB

    I found the following program (incl. source code under GNU-license):

    Problem: the restrictions are max. 1000 files and max. size 1 MB

    Although I never used C++ I installed Dev-C++ 5 (on Win XP), checked the source code and found out, that probably I just need to change the restrictive values in the TFG.h file (MAX_COUNT & MIN_SIZE).

    Next Problem: when I try to compile the project, I get the following error-message:
    [Warning] command line option "-Wstrict-prototypes" is valid for Ada/C/ObjC but not for C++
    cc1plus.exe D:\Data\projekt\Programs\TestFileGenerator new\cc1plus.exe unrecognized command line option "-fsave-memoized"
    D:\Data\projekt\Programs\TestFileGenerator new\ [Build Error] [TFG_Main.o] Error 1
    Does anybody know, why that problem occurs and what needs to be changed?

    I get this problem also when I try to compile the original project without any modifications.


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    I Don't use Dev-C++ and I didn't download the program, so I can't directly help you, but I have some comments and suggestions.

    Whenever you install a new compiler, it's important to try it out with Hello world (the simplest of all programs). Compilers can be a pain to install, configure, and learn to use. If you can't get Hello World working, there's not much point of trying a "real" program.

    I assume that you didn't manually type those problem-commands (fsave-memoized, etc.) to the command line? I assume they are in a BAT or MAK file? You might try simply removing those commands. (Of, course, keep a backup if you modify a file.) But, those commands may need to be edited... If nobody here can help you, look in the Dev-C++ documentation to learn how to use them. (Dev-C++ is fairly popular, and somebody here can probably help.)

    There is the unfortunate possibility that if you solve the current problems, it will simply allow the compilation to proceed to the next problem... Usually these problems have to be solved one-at-a-time, and this can actually be more difficult and more frustrating than writing your own program... When you write your own program, you can write and debug one small section of code before moving on to the next section. (In this case, you probably don't need to "debug" the actual code.)

    The fact that you are using the same compiler as the program author is encouraging. Make sure you are carefully following his Installation and Rebuilding instructions. And, carefully read the Dev-C++ documentation. It looks like your project uses a makefile, you might want to read-up on how they are used.

    In general, it can be a difficult, time-consuming, task (even for an experienced programmer) to download and compile an open source project. It's a task that beginning programmers should try to avoid.

    I am sorry, that my first post in this board is a question - but hey, therefore a board like this usually exists, right
    Welcome to the forum, Greg!

    Yes, that's what the forum is for... Most threads start with a question, and most newcomers are asking more questions than they are answering.
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