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    fstream, getch

    Since I was unaware of the forums rules stating I can't ask for help for a own personal project of mine that which apparently violates forum rules, I need advice for getting key presses.

    First, getch/_getch returns a whitespace when a F1, F2, etc key is pressed. Is there a c++ function that can return ALL keys pressed?

    Second, if I want to write some characters to a file, what would be the best, most efficient way of doing that? Getting 1 key at time and then writing that to the file, or writing a chunk of char data at a time?


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    It's tough to answer what the most efficient way of doing something is when you haven't really said what you are doing.
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    I want to grab a keystroke, write it to a char variable, check if it equals F10, F11, or F12. If it is not these keys, write the char data to file and continue loop.

    I've already tried getch(), and the function keys (F1, F2, etc.) return a whitespace. I am asking if there is a c/c++ function other than getch() that supports the function keys and does not return a whitespace.

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    >Is there a c++ function that can return ALL keys pressed?
    It's not about a function that returns ALL keys, it's about how those keys are represented. If your system represents the function keys with multi-value scan codes, you're likely to get the same value for every one if you only read the leading byte. Run this program and see what happens when you hit the F keys:
    #include <stdio.h> 
    #include <conio.h> 
    int main ( void )
      int ch;
      while ( ( ch = getch() ) != 0x1B )
        printf ( "&#37;d\n", ch );
      return 0;
    You'll probably find something like this:
    F1:  0   59
    F2:  0   60
    F3:  0   61
    F4:  0   62
    F5:  0   63
    F6:  0   64
    F7:  0   65
    F8:  0   66
    F9:  0   67
    F10: 0   68
    F11: 224 133
    F12: 224 134
    Oddly enough, cprog's FAQ tells you about this in the "How do I: Use directional keys in a console application" article. It even offers a handy function that gives you a consistent result for all scan codes:
    int get_code ( void )
      int ch = getch();
      if ( ch == 0 || ch == 224 )
        ch = 256 + getch();
      return ch;
    >Getting 1 key at time and then writing that to the file, or writing a chunk of char data at a time?
    It depends on how your implementation handles buffering. If it's done right, there shouldn't be enough of a difference to matter. But it's generally a safer bet to write chunks.
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    Wow prelude, you pretty much nailed exactly what I was looking for. I have much work to do now! I'll post if I encounter any problems, thanks a bunch!

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    OK, want to make sure I understand this correctly.

    So, basically, when using getch(), the F keys just return simple pair of decimal values. If I wanted to check to see if, for example, the F1 key was pressed, I would compare it to that simple int value.

    if (keystroke == 059)
    // action here
    After your post, I went ahead and googled "keyboard scan codes" "scan codes". There's also a hex value for the functions keys. If I were to compare using hex values, would it be the same, just reading the keystroke in to a string instead? I hope I haven't completely confused you with my response.

    If these are the dec and hex values for the function keys, how would I go about checking for them since they are in pairs?

    F1        (00,59)    (0x00,0x3b)    F2       (00,60)    (0x00,0x3c)
    F3        (00,61)    (0x00,0x3d)    F4       (00,62)    (0x00,0x3e)
    F5        (00,63)    (0x00,0x3f)    F6       (00,64)    (0x00,0x40)
    F7        (00,65)    (0x00,0x41)    F8       (00,66)    (0x00,0x42)
    F9        (00,67)    (0x00,0x43)    F10      (00,68)    (0x00,0x44)
    F11       (00,133)   (0x00,0x85)    F12      (00,134)   (0x00,0x86)
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