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    This probably sounds a really silly question and im sorry if I make you spill your coffee as you are laughing at me, but..

    Is it possible to change the font used in a standard console program? And can you change the "True Text" part of the console (the part at the top of the MS-DOS box that has TT 8 x 13 or some such number)?

    I will not write my name for I do not wish to be embarrased if the above is not possible :'(

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    I would have to say no. I think you can change the color but I don't believe that you can change the font. Do a search as I seem to remember this topic being covered before and you might be able to get some more info from a previous thread.

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    You can, I think, change the font size, but that is not in the language. The font size is stored with the console app, by windows. Right click on your .exe and click properties. This will open a window with options, such as running the console in full screen, and changing the size of the font.

    This information is stored in a .pif file along with the program.

    As for removing thew toolbar, thats in the properties too. Just uncheck show toolbar in the window tab.
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