Thread: Whats wrong with this simple code?

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    Whats wrong with this simple code?

    Allright, i'm a total beginner, and i'm just testing stuff.

    Well i was trying to make this password check, but it won't run...

    Something about thisisapassword being an undecleared identifier.

    Could someone please tell me how it should look like?


    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    int main()
      char string[256];                               // A nice long string
      cout<<"======== WELCOME TO MY TOP SECRET PROGRAM =======\n";
      cout<<"Password: ";
      cin.getline ( string, 256, '\n' );              // Input goes into string
      if(string==thisisapassword) {
    	  cout<<"Correct password!";
      else {cout<<"Wrong password";

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    You probably want a literal string "thisisapassword" (note the double quotes), not just thisisapassword.
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    Another problem is that you are comparing C style strings with ==. That doesn't work because it ends up comparing pointers that can be different even if the strings are the same. In C, you use strcmp to compare strings.

    However, this is C++, and there's no reason to use C style strings. Add #include <string> and change your string variable to have the type string (you'll want to give it a different name so that the names don't conflict):
    string userPassword;
    Once you do that, you'll want to change the version of getline you're using because the one for C++ strings is different:
    getline ( cin, userPassword );
    Then you can use == like your code does now and it will work as you expect.

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    And since "string" is a character array and not a C++ string container/object you'd need to use the strcmp function as well... or you can just use an actual string object (you'd likely have to change the name of the variable though).

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    Thanks for the reply, ill try to use the c++ string instead, I had only learnt the C ones ;D

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