Thread: is TR1 and boost the same thing?

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    That's certainly possible. But given that the same standards committee was the one that approved Tr1, I think they might also make mention of it.
    The standards committee also approved <iostream.h> in draft standards, and approved it's removal from a draft before the standard was eventually ratified.

    The ratification of a standard (practically) deems that preceding drafts never existed. Standards committees may approve contents of draft standards, but that does not obligate them to keep the material from every draft in the final version of the standard. If the final standard was required to mention every feature that ever existed in a draft (or, worse, every subtle nuance of every feature that evolved while the standard was in draft) then the standard would be even more complicated than it is.

    There is a difference between approving work in progress, and the approval/ratification of that work once completed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daved View Post
    They had std from the start. There has been only one standard. Before the language was standardized there was no std namespace.
    Thus my statement that there was no std:: I am not saying there was no standard library, because of course there was.

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    I wasn't disagreeing with you, I was replying to cpjust assuming "from the start" meant "from the first standard". We are saying the same thing.

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