Thread: New and need some help.

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    New and need some help.

    Hey guys, my name is Matt and I have been browsing this site and the boards for about a month now. I decided to register becuase I would like some help with C++.

    I have read this tutorial and I still have no clue. I am sorry if I sound live a novice, but I would really appreciate some help.

    Thanks a lot guys,

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    So.... How far did you get with the tutorial? Do you have a compiler? Does Hello World compile and run?

    You probably will need to get a beginning programming book. A beginning book will cover essentially the same information as the tutorial, but with much more detail and explanation (typically 350-700 pages).

    ...Once you understand something about varaibles & variable types, loops, and if-statements, you can start to write programs that do something interesting.

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