Thread: Exporting aliased functions

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    Exporting aliased functions

    I have a function foo(), which I am aliasing like this -

    #define foo blah
    _declspec(dllexport) void foo(void){
       // some code
    such that the dll contains the function blah, rather than foo. now what I want to do is to have the dll contain a reference to both foo and blah, even though both references would point to the same entry point. The reason for this is I want to export both a friendly name like
    Foo* FooTheFooInTheFoo(Foo* Foo){};
    and an enumerated functon name like this -
    void* Function_0001(void*){};
    Anyone have an idea how to do this?

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    I have never looked into it, but I'm 99% sure that you can "alias" functions in the .def file.

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