Thread: How to use function ptr in class

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    How to use function ptr in class

    I have a function

    typedef (bool)(*Callback)(void);
    SystemMgr->SetFrameFunc(Callback func);

    now I have this class
    class GameMgr
      bool CallbackFunc() { return false; }
    If I try to use the GameMgr::CallbackFunc in the SetFrameFunc() function, I get errors saying use &GameMgr::CallbackFunc to get pointer to member, but it does not work. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    A member function pointer is not a function pointer.

    If you have control over the definition of SetFrameFunc(), perhaps you could consider having it take a function object instead, upon which you can use std::mem_fun_ref() to convert the CallbackFunc() member function to a function object.
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    My Hat of Guessing thinks you're trying to actually use GameMgr::CallbackFunc as a parameter to SetFrameFunc, rather than GameMgrObj.CallbackFunc (i.e., passing the function from a particular object, not the class in general). Also, I'm not 100% convinced the signature will be right (don't member functions have a GameMgr &this implicitly put into their declaration lists? I should check, rather than asking questions).

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    You can write a template class that will take care of this. The template class should take 2 classes. One object is called and one does the calling. The template binds the two together so that they both use 'this' call.

    If you want an example just MSN me.

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