Thread: Is a queue essentially a linked-list?

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    Is a queue essentially a linked-list?

    I was writing up a simple queue class, and when it came to the copy ctor and the assignment operator, they didn't really differ from how they'd be implemented for a linked list. Is this right?

    Is the only difference between a linked-list and a queue the public interface?
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    I suppose. IOW, you can implement a queue using a linked list, although you don't have to.

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    There are a variety of ways of implementing a queue. Using a linked-list is one of the most straightforward.
    Other ways of storing the data can be thought of as simply optimisations of the linked-list way of doing it.
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    >Is the only difference between a linked-list and a queue the public interface?
    A queue is simply an abstraction. It tells you what operations are supported for a collection of data, and you can implement it however you want as long as you ultimately support those operations.
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    An example of what prelude says can be seen in this implementation:
    const int size = 16;
    class queue
       int in;
       int out;
       int q[size];
       queue() : in(0), out(0) {}
       void put_back(int x) {
          if (out !=in+1) { 
             q[in] = x;
        int pop_front() {
           int x = -1;   // Empty returns -1. 
           if (out != in) 
              x = q[out];
           return x;

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