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    Custom tab and space types/definitions

    Hello. I would like to save space in my coding by having a custom-defined tab and space characters. I once had an example of a way to do this, but I forgot and I cannot find another example anywhere on the Internet. The following is an illustration of my idea:


    Both lines would have the same output, only the second line would be easier to code and friendlier to space-saving say if you wanted 100 tabs. I think I would be able to figure out how to do the same for space, "-", etc. if someone could show me how to do this tab example.

    I thought I remember something like: typdef char tab[] = ' '; or something similar.

    Thank you very much for the help; this will be a lifesaver because at one point in my program, I have like 13 tabs and >100 "-" (dashes). Thanks again!

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    use setw() and setfill() from <iomanip> or <iomanip.h>
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    And the FAQ is here :-

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