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    learning c++


    I already know C which is used in DOS. I was wondering which is the best book to buy to start learning c++. I want to start developing in windows soon though.


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    C++ How to program by Deitel and Deitel to learn c++
    The standard c++ library by Nicolai Jossutis to learn STL
    Programming windows by Charles Petzold to learn win32 api
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    There is no one best book to learn basic C++ (see Liberty, Deitel and Deitel, etc.). When it comes to learning windows you can either use the API up straight (many people will recommend Petzolds "Programming Windows" for that) or use a compiler specific book for one of the IDEs like MS VC++ which is uses MS adaptations to the API called MFC to build windows or Borlands BCB which does likewise with VCL .

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    The best C++ and Windows programming book...

    Visual C++ Bible
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