Thread: How to reset file being read?

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    How to reset file being read?

    if(inFile >> testGrade[0])
    found = true;
    	for(int a = 0; a < 4; a++)
    		inFile >> testGrade[a];
    		cout << testGrade[a] << " ";
    	cout << studentName[0];

    Im performing a priming read with this file, but its skipping the first one. How would I go about resetting it?

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    The problem is that inFile >> testGrade[a] reads in something to testGrade but stops at the whitespace after that value. The whitespace is probably a newline after the last value. Then getline attempts to read a line, but it stops when it finds a newline, so it stops immediately without reading anything in. (The getline function discards the trailing newline but operator>> does not, which is why mixing them can cause these kinds of problems.)

    The solution is to add inFile.ignore() after a call to operator>> to ignore the newline.

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