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    Project :

    I am learning but I have a task to submit a project of below problem.I am still learning things but I have also have a due date to submit this very near.
    Sorry guys if my posts are botherring thsi forum too much.But honestly I am looking for some help in sens eof favour...

    Ram Prasad supplies magazines and journals of a wide variety on various terms. It is a supplier to Libraries, business houses and even individual houses. Wherever, the supply is required for the year, R Ram Prasad takes up the subscription from publishers. It also subscribes to some common-man magazines for retail selling. Recently, Ram Prasad started Readers’ Pride – a scheme for giving the reading stuff on rent. Newspapers are rented for an hour; Magazines and small fiction for a day; journals and novels etc
    for 2 days. He charges rent @ 10% of the cost of the item. However, additional 80% of the cost of item is kept as refundable security.
    In less than three month’s time, he has reached 308 memberships of the readers on rent, most of them come for a book exchange in the evening. He has kept 2 helpers for the receipt and dispersal of books. Retail Accounting is becoming unmanageable, so Ram Prasad himself has to sit on the cash counter all the time. To simplify the life of himself and his readers, Ram Prasad offered some schemes for its readers.

    1. Adhoc: Take away on daily rent.
    2. Subscription: Take rent from regular readers once in a month, provided they subscribe to the service by
    paying a subscription fee. The reader would be responsible for the pickup and return of the items.
    3. Extended Subscription: Take rent+ home service charges from regular readers once in a month, provided
    they subscribe to the service by paying a subscription fee. In this case, telephone facility and a service boy
    are used for home delivery and a great rush at the shop is being reduced through this but service boy is
    really under a pressure during peek hours.
    4. Drop in: Sit in the shop for an hour, read any number of items of choice and leave. The rent charged is as
    in the case of Adhoc scheme.
    Since the options are a lot and volume of business is expected to increase, Ram Prasad is planning to deploy
    some IT support to ensure a fast track of items and money collection.
    Prepare a basic OO design for the same. Discuss the suitability of implementing your design in C++. [ Use any
    technique to exhibit your design.]

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    Are you at least familliar with how OOP programs are designed? Basic class implementation etc... Start with main() then build it from there. Draw a rough algorithm on paper to what the design will look like, then try to turn that into C++ code.
    Double Helix STL

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