Thread: standard String operations

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    standard String operations

    I am a student as you people can make out... Now, i have a question in my assignment as

    Design interface and implement it in C++ to adequately give functionality of a String class. Get more ideas on this class from standard String operations available in any product such as Excel etc.

    Anyone can throw light on it on what i have to do with this ?

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    Your teacher is probably telling you to think of things like inserting/deleting characters to/from a string, searching for a substring within a string, counting the number of times a substring occurs in a string, giving a word count, that sort of thing.

    You might first write a basic string class with member functions that allow you to manipulate the string data, then extend it with non-member non-friend functions to have more complex operations.
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    Pretty Tricky... :-)

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    I'd first work on getting your Customer class working with a member function. This is basically like that, only much more complicated.

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