Thread: Sort two vectors in the same order

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    Sort two vectors in the same order

    If I have a string vector and an int vector of the same size, how can I sort the name vector alphabetically and sort the int vector in the same order? For example, I have string vector with John, Bob, Mike and an int vector with their ages 20, 21, 22, and I want to sort the vectors so it becomes Bob, John, Mike and 21, 20, 22. If I sort their names alphabetically, how can I sort their ages so that they match up?

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    I suggest associating the names and ages either with a std::pair (i.e., you sort a vector of std::pair<string,int> by the first member of the pair), or by placing them together in a class (and also providing operator< or a comparator).
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    You could use a map<string, int> instead of 2 vectors, then sorting would be irrelavent. You could also create a struct:
    struct NameAge
        std::string  Name,
        int  Age
    Then just create a vector<NameAge> instead of 2 vectors.

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