If anyone knows a little about irrKlang sound sound library, maybe they could give me a hand.

I had switched from FMOD to irrKlang because I didn't like that you couldn't compile FMOD with MINGW. Anyway, when I use irrKlang's play2D() function, there is always a small delay before the sound is actually played. As if it's loading the sound on the spot. Even if you play the same sound multiple times there is always a little delay as if it's loading the sound each time. With FMOD I could load the sound in advance then play it, and it would be instant.

I looked through some of the irrKlang headers trying to find a way to load sounds in advance, and I found a function called getSoundSource() that looked promising, but I couldn't get it to work.

Can anyone show me the proper way to do this?