Thread: If you modify content that a member variable points to, is that const?

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    If you modify content that a member variable points to, is that const?

    I found an interesting fact that, in a class's const function, you can modify a member varialbe's deference, or the function's parameters, for example:

    class A{
      int* ptr;
      void foo(int x) const{
    Isn't that misleading in C++'s const method's regulation.

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    If you want the pointed-to stuff to be const, do so.
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    yep nothing strange about that.

    The const means you can't modify any of the classes member variables so modifying the parameter passed in isn't surprisingly. While:
    void foo(const int x) constis what prevents the modification of a parameter

    Since the dereference is just memory somewhere you aren't modifying the ptr ptr , but rather what the pointer is pointing to which sounds normal. So operations like
    int *b; ptr = b;
    are prevented by the const as you are actually modifying the member variable.

    What is a bit interesting is that you can indirectly modify a member variable in a const function.

    class A{
      int* ptr;
      int g;
      A(){g = 5; ptr = &g}
      void foo(int x) const{
       ++*ptr; <--- Modifies the member variable g despite being a const.
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