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    Smile Pls help me on this program

    The user will enter 3 tri-weekly grades from each of the 5 students...
    The grade range from 68-98 only... After the user enters the grade, the program must get the average of each student and rank them... If their average is the same their rank will also be the same....
    The Format must be like this...

    1st grade 2nd grade 3rd grade Average Rank
    Student 1
    Student 2
    Student 3
    Student 4
    Student 5

    Your help is greatly appreciated

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    So what have you done so far?

    The way it works here is that you post your code, and we help you out with what you can't solve. Not "You post the task, we write the code".

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    Do you know how to calculate an average, and do you know how to read a number in from the user? That is 90% of the homework.

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