Thread: question to the pros: nasty ASSERTION in BOOST

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    question to the pros: nasty ASSERTION in BOOST

    Hy there!
    i have a hughe problem in my company. i have a quite complex application (distributed, corba, mulithreaded, Boost, QT 3.3)
    and after closing the program (int closeevent() pApp->exit())
    the program closes but after ca 5 sec. there comes an ASSERTION

    attached_thread_count == 0
    in tss_hooks.cpp

    the code in boost looks like that:

    attached_threadcount == 0 in tss_hooks.cpp. der code dazu sieht so aus:

    + catch( ... )
    - boost::call_once(init_threadmon_mutex, once_init_threadmon_mutex);
    - boost::mutex::scoped_lock lock(*threadmon_mutex);
    - BOOST_ASSERT(attached_thread_count == 0);
    + return -1;

    even with the help of some c++ gurus and DevPartnerStudio we could not find the problem.
    actually it isnt that annoying because only at exit it happens. but we cant deliver it to the customer like that.

    does enyone has an idea what to do against it, even a trick to just dont show the assertion?

    unfortunately i cant make a release-version for different reasons.

    ideas? suggestions??

    thanx for any input!!


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    Are you ensuring that all threads have exitted before the process exits?

    What version of Boost?
    What OS?
    What function is the BOOST_ASSERT() in? on_process_exit()?


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    Whatever code you posted there, it's not valid C++. It looks like a patch file.
    There is no catch(...) in either 1.33.1 or 1.34.0.

    Anyway, the assertion comes from the thread_specific_ptr machinery. It means that something registered a thread-exit handler but it wasn't called. This might happen if, for example, you use a thread_specific_ptr from a thread that wasn't created with boost::threads.
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    hy, thanx for the input, i will think about it!

    the code snippet comes from on_process_exit()

    and it is in tss_hooks.cpp. it is no patch! (ignore the + and - at the left side)

    anyway, we use Windows XP, but i dont know the version of boost. today a developer told me that we use a version that is actually not supportet anymore..

    today i also found out, that when i dont use an initialisation-function (for a device) on a pointer to a library wich uses a lot of threads, then the assertion does not appear..

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