Here are the 4 most common easy questions people face:

Q: Can I delete my posts / Can I request that posts are deleted when my question is answered?

A: We discourage post deletion, as the forum is a shared learning environment. A free-for-all on post deletion would mean whole threads consisting of meaningless isolated posts with no consistent narrative.

For information on how to request that your posts or account be deleted, see the privacy policy.

Q: Will my posts be found by other students / tutors?
A: Almost certainly. Many forum regulars often search posted code to detect copy/paste programmers trying to pass off other peoples work as their own. If you "found" your code on the net, then so can everyone else.

Q: What about other people copying my own work?
A: If you publish first (and can prove it later by logging in in front of your tutor), you shouldn't have any problem so long as seeking forum help was within the terms of the assignment. Copiers have a much harder time explaining their actions.

Q: How should I act on the forums?
A: Be Nice.

See below for more detailed forum guidelines and our homework policy and privacy policy.