Thread: New years challenge!

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    No I mean it doesnt play a tune Im assuming you have to type the right notes in, but I typed the wrong ones in.

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    Well, wouldn't that be an error on your part?

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    @abachler: Again, my example? Should just play, over the PC speaker. No input from you is needed, it just plays. Exits when done. Data is included in the assembly source for the song.
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    unfortunately ...

     .long 500
     .long 440
     .long 1000
     .long 523
     .long 500
     .long 587
     .long 750
     .long 659
    is a table of values.

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    Yeah, that was noticed a while back. I don't see how this can be done using an equation instead of a set of data. Maybe you would like to show us all, or is this just another impossible challenge?

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    Technically, you can build a polynomial through any table of values (aka, polynomial interpolation; also see Newton divided differences). Cactus' 146 values (if I counted correctly) would be f(1), f(2), ..., f(146) where f is a 145th degree polynomial. I don't know or care enough about assembly or this problem to think about writing something to do that, and the argument for allowing 146 random polynomial coefficients but not 146 random actual numbers seems slight, so maybe this isn't what Abachler is going for.

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