Thread: C++ challenge: Sum of numbers

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    Main-recursion, Mr D. Always fun and good practice and with commandline parameters use argc as your variable.

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    But then it doesn't compile as C++, Mr. T.

    Very well, if you insist, here's one version. I have a sneaking suspicion that it's very similar to a solution that someone's already posted.
    #include <stdio.h>
    int main(int argc, char *argv[]) {
        while(--argc) {}
        if(scanf("&#37;i", &argc) == 1) {
            if(argc += main(0, 0)) {}
        if(argv && printf("%i\n", argc)) {}
        return argc;
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    Since this is a contest, shouldn't there be a winner?

    I vote me

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    Quote Originally Posted by zacs7 View Post
    Since this is a contest, shouldn't there be a winner?

    I vote me
    Sorry guys, I was out of the house for the weekend.

    I'm glad my specific wording turned this into a somewhat more interesting affair. I initially considered asking that only a single statement be used, not a single semicolon, but that seemed to give too much freedom. It's easy to chain expressions using comma in a statement-like way and that isn't what I wanted to see.

    I thought, if I allow only a single semicolon, that will eliminate at the very least the use of for(; and do while(); but it didn't eliminate while-loops or if-statements. On the other hand if I explicitly disallowed all looping constructs I was afraid I would get a homogeneous set of solutions and that would turn the contest into a math exercise (what's 2 + 2? There's only one right answer).

    However I did not imagine that someone would "#define SEMICOLON ;" and use it that way. Definitely within the rules, though.

    So the award for Best Abuse Of The Rules goes to zacs7.

    The award for Doing What I Did goes to Laserlight for being the first one to land it in my Inbox -- but other people were right behind.

    Best Abuse Of Pointers goes to MacGyver.

    And everybody gets the Politically Correct Self-Esteem-Preserving Consolation And Fuzzy-Wuzzy Prize.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brewbuck View Post
    Best Abuse Of Pointers goes to MacGyver.
    I would just like to thank my friends, and the people that encouraged me to write crappy, non-conforming code. It's you people that have a part in this award, and I think you all should be proud of your part.

    I would name everyone, but time (space?) does not permit, so I shall just say, "Thanks again". Thanks again.

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