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    Lightbulb Action Game - AI Contest

    None of the AI contests here seem to action related. So I'll announce one.

    I don't know what this kind of game is called. It's where two players control their ship and attempt to destroy each other by shooting. (One on top and one on bottom.) Each player can only go right n' left. So I guess this is more the Galaxin type game.

    1. Your script goes right in between the comments "Here we begin our player 1 AI" and "Here we end our player 1 AI". Or during testing player 2.
    2. You may NOT alter any variables unless you created them or if it's the var 'a'.
    3. If your code contains infinite loops or causes the computer to crash, you will be DQ.
    Everyone’s AI will be tested against everyone elses AI. For every win you get 1 point. The AI with the most points win!

    You can download the script with the dev project at:
    Ziped with WinZip32 as usual.
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    x = startingposition;
    y = rand()%2;
    while( !dead )
        if( y )
            while( x < WIDTH )
                shoot( );
            shoot( );
        } while( x != 0 );
        y = 1;
    There's mine.

    New and improved! 50% trickier!

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    Unfortunately the link is broken. It would be interesting to see how you are planning to implement it. For example, what do I know about the opponent (if I don't know its interface, how can I know anything about it?) If I can "see" a missile coming, what would stop me from "teleporting" to safety? Or turning on a "shield" that makes me indestructible? Or using weapons that cause massive damage? Etc.

    One way I can imagine, if you wrote the full test loop and a full interface to a "Ship" base class, and each contestant can write their derived ship, where the only method they are allowed to override is choose_action()...
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    Since this was posted in April of last year, it somehow doesn't surprise me that the link is dead...
    But we haven't had a contest in a while (although there is the DEADBEEF thread), but if this is to go anywhere, the OP might need to know it's being posted to.
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