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    Code Review for upcoming contest

    Ok on the suggestion of Blackroot I am doing a Risk contest. I have everything completed, but before I post I wanted to get some feedback first on the player_interface. Basically, I want to make sure there aren't any other member functions you need to be able to easily create an AI for it? Other suggestion are fine as well.

    #include "helpers.h"
    #include "player.h"
    class PlayerInterface
    	friend class Player;
    	//virtual methods must be overidden
    	virtual std::string getName()const =0;
    	// This is used by the framework to get the preferred name
    	// for your AI player.  You should return a string container the name of your player.
    	// If you duplicate an existing name extra letters will be tacked onto your name
    	// to make it unique.
    	virtual void init()=0;
    	// This method is call after all players have been added and the 
    	// players have been "shuffled" to start choosing countries.
    	// please note that the play order changes again, after all initial
    	// armies are place before play begin.
    	// You can use it for whatever initialization your player needs to do that can't
    	// be done in the constructor
    	virtual std::string chooseCountry()=0;
    	// This method is called when there are unclaimed countries available to claim
    	// You should return a string containing the name of the unclaimed country you wish
    	// claim.  If you return an invalid name (spelling/case or already claimed) one will
    	// be chosen for you at random.  For comparison purposes, it's recommend you use the 
    	// country names as defined in helpers.h.  There are several arrays, enums etc at your
    	// disposable.
    	virtual std::string placeArmy ()=0;
    	// This function is called in 2 circumstances
    	// 1st at the beginning after all countries have been claimed
    	// this function is called to place your remaining armies on 
    	// countries you own
    	// 2nd This function is called at the beginning of your turn when you have new armies
    	// to place.
    	// Again, you should return a string containing the name of the country you wish to place the army
    	// One army is placed at a time.  Invalid names will result in an army being randomly placed in 
    	// a country you control
    	virtual std::vector<const Card> redeemCards()=0;
    	// This method is called if you are in possesion of cards that can be redeemed
    	// (Either a matched set - 3 like card, or an unmatched set - 3 unlike cards, or
    	// 2 cards and a wild card.  If you wish to redeem your set, return a std::vector<const Card>
    	// to the framework with the 3 cards from your hand you wish to redeem.  You are not 
    	// required to redeem your cards unless you have 5 or more cards.  If you do not wish to redeem
    	// just return an empty vector.
    	// If you return an invalid set, and you hold less than 5 cards, no action will be taken.
    	// If you hold 5 or more cards, a valid set will be chosen for you.  
    	// Also not that the order the cards are entered into the vector is important:
    	// If the country on the card matches a country you control, you receive a bonus of 2 armies
    	// on that country (They will be placed automatically).  You can only receive 1 bonus of 2
    	// armies per trade-in.  Therefore, if more than one of your cards have countries that
    	// you control and you want the 2 armies to go on a particular country
    	// put that country first into your vector.
    	virtual Action getAction()=0;
    	// This method gets your actions for your turn.  There is no set turn length as long
    	// as you have armies to attack with.  Therefore you determine most of the time when
    	// your turn is over by submitting the apporpriate action.  (See helpers.h for actions)
    	// Basically you complete an action struct with your action and submit it to the framework.
    	// If you submit an invalid action, it will be treated as an end of turn without fortification.
    	virtual int defendCountry(Action A)=0;
    	// When your are on the defending end of an attack, you have the choice 
    	// of defending with 1 or 2 armies (1 or 2 dice)  return your choice here.
    	// If you return a number greater than 2, or if you only have 1 army in the country
    	// and return 2 then 1 will be used.
    	virtual int captureCountry(Action A)=0;
    	// If you defeat all the armies in a country you must now claim that country
    	// by moving armies into it from the attacking country
    	// you must move minimum the same number that you attacked with and maximum 1 less
    	// than the number of armies you have in the attacking country.
    	// return the number you wish to move.  An invalid number results in the minimum move.
    	virtual void notify(Action A)=0;
    	// After every action a notification is went to all of the players
    	// showing the results.  Invalid submissions will have been corrected
    	// so that the actual results are shown here.
    	// This is information only, use as you see fit.
    	//non-virtual must NOT!!! be overidden
    	std::vector<std::string> getCountriesByPlayer(std::string owner_name);
    	// return a vector of the names of the countries controlled
    	// by owner_name
    	std::vector<std::string> getAdjacent(std::string country_name);
    	// returns a vector of the names of the countries touching/adjacent to country_name
    	// useful for deciding attacks/fortifications etc.
    	std::string me();
    	// Since the framework may change your player name to guarantee uniqueness
    	// use this function if you need to submit a function with your players name. 
    	// ex: std::vector<std::string> myCountries = getCountriesByPlayer(me());
    	size_t getArmyCount(std::string country_name);
    	// returns the number of Armies in country_name
    	std::string getOwner(std::string country_name);
    	// returns the owner of countr_name
    	std::vector<std::string> getPlayers();
    	// return a vector of the names of the player and their current order
    	// orders is set twice, once before countries are chosen
    	// and once before play begins
    	Player* mpPlayer;
    	// this is no concern to you and you should not try to use this, but since it's here
    	// This is a pointer to the real player class where most of the player info is stored
    	// The Player class also acts as a go between for the player_interface (this class)
    	// and the main game class.  It handles all the validations so the game class only
    	// gets good inputs and doesn't have to do a lot of error checking
    and helpers.h
    #ifndef HELPERS_H
    #define HELPERS_H
    #include <string>
    const std::string CONTINENTS[] = {"North America","Europe","Asia","Africa","Australia","South America"};
    const std::string COUNTRY_NAMES[] = {"Alaska","Alberta","Central America","Eastern United States","Greenland","Northwest Territory","Ontario","Quebec","Western United States",
    									"Great Britain","Iceland","Northern Europe","Scandinavia","Southern Europe","Ukraine","Western Europe",
    									"Afghanistan","China","India","Irkutsk","Japan","Kamchatka","Middle East","Mongolia","Siam","Siberia","Ural","Yakutsk",
    									"Congo","East Africa","Egypt","Madagascar","North Africa","South Africa",
    									"Eastern Australia","Indonesia","New Guinea","Western Australia",
    	Alaska,	Alberta, Central_America, Eastern_United_States, Greenland, Northwest_Territory, Ontario, Quebec, Western_United_States,	
    	Great_Britain, Iceland, Northern_Europe, Scandinavia, Southern_Europe, Ukraine, Western_Europe,	
    	Afghanistan, China, India, Irkutsk, Japan, Kamchatka, Middle_East, Mongolia, Siam, Siberia, Ural, Yakutsk,	
    	Congo, East_Africa, Egypt, Madagascar, North_Africa, South_Africa,
    	Eastern_Australia, Indonesia, New_Guinea, Western_Australia,	
    	Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Venezuela, Wild, Bad_Index
    const COUNTRY_INDEX NORTH_AMERICA[] =	{Alaska, Alberta, Central_America, Eastern_United_States, Greenland, Northwest_Territory, Ontario, Quebec, Western_United_States};
    const COUNTRY_INDEX EUROPE[] =			{Great_Britain, Iceland, Northern_Europe, Scandinavia, Southern_Europe, Ukraine, Western_Europe};
    const COUNTRY_INDEX ASIA[] =			{Afghanistan, China, India, Irkutsk, Japan, Kamchatka, Middle_East, Mongolia, Siam, Siberia, Ural, Yakutsk};
    const COUNTRY_INDEX AFRICA[] =			{Congo, East_Africa, Egypt, Madagascar, North_Africa, South_Africa};
    const COUNTRY_INDEX AUSTRALIA[] =		{Eastern_Australia, Indonesia, New_Guinea, Western_Australia};
    const COUNTRY_INDEX SOUTH_AMERICA[] =	{Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Venezuela};
    const size_t NORTH_AMERICA_SIZE =	9;
    const size_t NORTH_AMERICA_AWARD =	5;
    const size_t EUROPE_SIZE =			7;
    const size_t EUROPE_AWARD =			5;
    const size_t ASIA_SIZE =			12;
    const size_t ASIA_AWARD =			7;
    const size_t AFRICA_SIZE =			6;	
    const size_t AFRICA_AWARD =			3;	
    const size_t AUSTRALIA_SIZE =		4;	
    const size_t AUSTRALIA_AWARD =		2;	
    const size_t SOUTH_AMERICA_SIZE =	4;
    const size_t SOUTH_AMERICA_AWARD =	2;
    const size_t COUNTRIES_SIZE =		42;
    struct Action
    	// ATTACK	- attack ToCountry from FromCountry wint n number of armers. n = Armies with value of 1, 2 or 3
    	// FORTIFY	- move n armies from FromCountry to ToCountry and ends turn.
    	//			n = Armies with value 1 to AllInCountry-1
    	// ENDTURN	- ends turn without fortifying position. Other values are ignored.
    	ACTION action;// one of three above
    	std::string FromCountry;
    	std::string ToCountry;
    	unsigned Armies; //1, 2 or 3 for attack, n-1 for fortify with n being number of armies
    					// in FromCountry
    	//RESULTS (to be filled in by framework, not player)
    	int AttackerLosses;
    	int DefenderLosses;
    	bool CountryCaptured;
    	std::string PlayerName;
    	std::string FromPlayerName;
    	std::string ToPlayerName;
    struct Card
    	Card(CARD_TYPE t, COUNTRY_INDEX c):type(t),country(c){}
    	bool operator==(const Card& card)const{return this->type == card.type;}
    	bool operator!=(const Card& card)const{return !((*this) == card);}
    	bool operator< (const Card& card)const{return (int)type < (int)card.type;}
    	CARD_TYPE type;
    	COUNTRY_INDEX country;
    COUNTRY_INDEX getCountryIndex(std::string Name);
    //...removed for posting purposes... not relavent anyway
    bool isAdjacent(std::string c1, std::string c2);
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    Everything looks good to me. Do you know how many people seriously plan on entering? Hate to see you put in so much work to only get 1 entrant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PJYelton
    Everything looks good to me. Do you know how many people seriously plan on entering? Hate to see you put in so much work to only get 1 entrant.
    Yea, I'd hate that too... I don't know how many are interested, though I will be running it here as well on and I will probably give an invite on as well. If I can get 2 players per site, I'd be thrilled. I am looking for a total of 6. Maybe I'll bill it as a battle-of-the-programming-forums type deal :-)

    I was also thinking of making it a personal challenge touting no one could be my AI, but that would of course require me to create an unbeatable AI.

    We will see, I still am tweaking the engine a bit, I actually found a few things I could add. I think I will announce it on Friday and run it till end of March or I get 6 entries, whichever comes 1st.

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