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  • Texas hold'em

    7 43.75%
  • Yahtzee

    2 12.50%
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Thread: New AI contest: sign up

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    Will you allow C# entries? After all it is on this board...

    If so I would definately enter.
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    How is black jack winning people??
    ...and who voted for yathzee??????

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    I'll code anything. Someone make a decision..!
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    When is the game going to be chosen??

    Well, I just got back from a week long cruise in the Caribbean..and with no poker room onthe ship, i got a lot of blackjack play now i dont really care which game wins...lets just pick one

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    I thought I'd post this link to revive the Texas Hold'em arguement
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    Perhaps there's enough interest now, but I haven't got the time to write the contest program anymore. Someone else will have to host the contest.
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