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    Smile contest problems on my site

    If anybody wants practice on some contest problems, I have begun to post standard high school and college contest problems on my website.

    I have several hundred of them, but right now I only have about 15 problems up.

    One set is from a college packet, another is from high school.

    I will post others when I get time.

    My website is:
    My Website

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    Cool - now I can test things .

    And 500th post !
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    Cool! I've been doing the ACSL for the past couple of years (perfect scores, booya!), and even managed to win an Ontario-wide high-school competition, so it's time to continue practising using these, TopCoder, and alos USACO.
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    And another site that some people might know about is the UVA ACM homepage which has over a thousand contest problems as well as regular contests of its own.

    Unfortunately my school cancelled its ACM meet at the last second due to lack of interest

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    I've had two experiences going ot ACM in the Northwest region. I was not impressed either one by the level of professionalism.
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