Thread: IDEA: Template meta-programming

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    IDEA: Template meta-programming

    Template programming is quite a challenge.

    Simple example: "Write a template struct that determines whether a number is even or odd"
    template <int num, int mod2=-1>
    struct Num
       static const bool isOdd = Num<num,num%2>::isOdd;
    template <int num>
    struct Num<num,0>
       static const bool isOdd = false;
    template <int num>
    struct Num<num,1>
       static const bool isOdd = true;
    //in main
    cout << "45 is odd: " << Num<45>::isOdd;
    The contest should be harder than that though.
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    I've just been reading up on this, and it seems like a good canidate. I'm not sure how many would rise to the challenge, though.

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