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    Idea Ide Idea Hear This I Say Damit

    Well why has the contest here going slugish.. well here is a contest sugestion...

    Ok write an efficient program which validates formulaes.... that is brackets

    x=x2[{s2(x+y)(x+y)}(x)] is a valid formulae

    x=2z)+3x( is invalid and so on...

    the program should be able to handle even very big formulaes.....
    The contest can also be made like this.. write a function validat which takes an argumen as char array and return an integer


    so it should return 1 if valid 0 if invalid...

    So any one hearing....

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    do you mean that the function should only see if the brackets are correct?

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    Yes for it to be simple(so that many contest..) if you want the equation can also be validated....

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