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    Maze Generator

    create a maze

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    an interesting idea...but how would it be displayed? text based? graphical? simply a matrix that contains wall locations, with no requirement to display it? would the maze be turned into a playable 'game,' or just displaying/generating it?

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    i think the display option would be optional. obviously, some level of complexity would be required, otherwise the maze would look like a single straight path. given enough iterations a good maze could be created through trial and error.

    last time when prelude submitted her fractal program, i wrote up a 10 min fractal displayer from the output of her arrays using SDL. displaying a maze would be just as simple.

    a playable maze game sounds like a good idea. the maze would have to be very complicated, with many suprises, to be fun. i know a lot of old games used mazes as a primitive room design system. if you want to submit a new idea thread about it, you're welcome to it.

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