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    New online programming contest

    Recently discovered a cool online programming contest. There are various difficulty levels (good for newbies like me too!). The site is called CoderChars .
    If you are lucky, you can win an iPad.

    But I especially like their source code editor ... very user-friendly, with all necessary functions nicely placed.

    There are 2 weeks left before the contest ends. If you are good, you may be able to solve all 8 puzzles in this contest. Go check it out.

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    Yeah, quite a site!... I submitted code 100% correct and it says i failed. Maybe i have to wait to be appraised...

    Man, i hate those machines. If a human, the flesh and bone kind, doesn't check your code, it'll almost certainly say you're wrong! And believe me, i'm 100% sure that it's correct, both syntactically and logically.
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