Thread: Read a Compiled file of an RTU

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    Read a Compiled file of an RTU

    Hi All
    I have a compiled file of some of the RTUs in the filed, i need to copy that file into a buffer and then used that buffer to move the file into the RTU. The file is about 50Kbyte (i Don't know the structure/formatting of the file). All i need is to copy that file into a buffer of type byte. What would be a fastest method of doing it? Do i have to use fgets function, but i guess it only brings the one line of file. The whole idea here is to think of that file as a chunk of bytes and then copy those bytes into a buffer?

    My skills for C are not that sharp, please help me out in order to accomplish this, i would really appreciate your time in this regards

    Thanks in Advance!

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    open file as binary using "rb" mode of fopen and then - fread to read big chunks

    you can even determine the file size using ftell and allocate the buffer to read the whole file at once - search for sample code on the forum - there is a lot...
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