Thread: what string function??

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    what string function??

    I have a string with this "<a href="">Somesite</a>"

    with strstr(str,str1);
    I can find where href starts.
    Now what C string function can I use to go from the href through the FIRST occurance of ">"

    So basically I'd like to find the next ">" in that string from "href" but not the one after the </a">" or any other trailing greater than signs.

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    int c;
    while((c = getchar()) != EOF)
            if(c == '>')
                    c == '  ';
    something like that should do it.
    there might be a function for it, but I'm not sure what it is.

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    Use strchr() to find a character in a string. If you have a pointer to the href, that counts as a string, so you can use strchr() to search from that location to the next '>'.
    char url[] = "<a href=\"\">Somesite</a>";
    char *s, *p;
    s = strstr(url, "href");
    if(s != NULL)
      p = strchr(s, '>');
      if(p != NULL) *p = 0; /* or do whatever you want; this modifies the original string */

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    Call me biased, but I also like sscanf.
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