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    simple struct pointing


    This is for a 3d engine, my skills as C coder is abit limited since there has been so many years since my last encounter with C, only oo languages.

    I got one struct called Object, this contains x-numbers of 3d objects, i need to seperate this, so i can have a struct called 'scene', which will be a list of all objects, point is, i need it to be something like this,
    scene contains obj[1-x], so a scene i defined, and i dont need to remember how many objects there are in one scene when rendering differnet scenes.

    any suggestions? a pointer from one struct to anohter? an example would be very appriciated! =)


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    > a pointer from one struct to anohter?
    A linked list? Could be 'slow', if you want to render in real-time that is.

    Perhaps: An array of objects, or a stack. Take your pick: For example, you might want a scene with an array of pointers to objects, that way you can use the same object in several scenes and save memory.

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    I believe that a struct called Scene that contained a structure Objects array, like so:

    typedef struct x-numbers {
             int number;
    } Objects;
    typdef struct 3d_objects {
         struct Objects [];
    } Scene;

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