Thread: Undefined Number of Contents in Array

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    Undefined Number of Contents in Array

    I am trying to write a program in C to calculate the mean of a set of numbers. Of course, the number of values is up to the user, so I have a variable no_values that will get the number of values by scanf and an array values_x for variables and another values_f for frequency. I have scanned the chapter in my Programming in C book by Stephen Kochan but can't find this stuff. Here's the source code:

    #include <stdio.h>
    int main () {
    	printf("\n\nAn Application to find the mean of a set of numbers");
    	int no_values, comp_values;
    	printf("\n\nHow many values will you be entering? ");
    	scanf("%i", &no_values);
    	comp_values = no_values -1;
    	int array_values;
    	int values_x[array_values];
    	int values_f[array_values];
    	printf("\nPlease start entering your values");
    	printf("|  x    |  f    |\n\n");
    	for ( comp_values == 1; comp_values < no_values; ++comp_values ) {
    		printf("x Variable: ");
    		scanf("%i", &values_x[array_values]);
    		printf("f Frequency: ");
    		scanf("%i", &values_f[array_values]);
    		printf("|%i    |%i    |\n\n", values_x, values_f);
    	return 0;

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    It looks like you are trying to use variable length arrays, but array_values was not initialised.

    Have you reached the point where the book talks about dynamically allocated arrays with malloc() and free()?
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    >for ( comp_values == 1;

    you probably want

    for ( comp_values = 1;

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    int main () {
    	printf("\n\nAn Application to find the mean of a set of numbers");
    	int no_values, comp_values;
    Note that declaring variables in the middle of blocks -- after, say, printf() statements -- is C99, not C89. You should probably avoid it if possible.

    Then again, variable length arrays are C99 as well . . . .

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