Thread: how can i get the number of days between two dates?

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    how can i get the number of days between two dates? new i just want to ask..some few questions about my homework coz i dont know what code i am going to use..
    i can't fully understand the codes that are in the FAQ..

    please explain it here..

    for example..
    i entered a date of march 21 2007, and I entered a date of april 3, 2007
    i want to get the difference of the days of the two dates..

    what code am i going to use and how can i apply it?
    sorry for my bad english >_<

    please help..
    sorry for the inconvinence

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    If you can get the date into a "time_t" type, you can use difftime() which is a standard function in the C runtime library. difftime gives you the number of seconds between two time values, and time in itself is "date and time" combined.

    And as a help, 24 * 60 * 60 -> 86400, so the days is "seconds/86400".

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    Possibly calculate the Julian day number for beginning date and ending date. Then subtract the beginning Julaian day number from the ending Julian day number.

    A formula for calculating Julian day numbers can be found at this Julian day wiki

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