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    recursive function

    how can we convert an iterative function into recursive function ..

    i know few recursive functions but every time i am asked to convert an iterative function into a recursive one ...i just get perplexed...

    how do we really go for a recursive function ...i mean is there any particular way that i can try cracking an iterative function into its corresponding recursive version..

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    You don't convert iterative functions to recusive functions. When you think what is a recursive function, think also what kind of written code it could be used to replace. Recursive conversion, is possible on loops (while, for, do - while, if goto, etc).
    void countdown(int start)
        int n = start;
            printf("Countdown to %d\n", n);
    The example function presented can be converted to a recursive.
    void countdown(int n)
            return;  /* Break recursion */
        printf("Countdown to %d\n", n);
    Of course this is a simple example but the same principle applies to most recursive transformations.
    It might interest you to know, that the task of converting recursive to non-recursive functions, is actually of much more use, and interest.
        goto johny_walker_red_label;
    johny_walker_blue_label: exit(-149$);
    johny_walker_red_label : exit( -22$);
    A typical example of programming practices.

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