Thread: Displaying a table of arbitrary values?

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    Displaying a table of arbitrary values?

    So I'm trying to write code that will display this table:
    Time Frequency
    0 5.00000040
    100 5.00000095
    200 5.00000230
    300 5.00001800
    400 5.00000870
    500 5.00000065
    600 5.00000370

    I have the "time" table down fine, (im using a for statement that requires time = 0; time <= 600; time += 100) and its displaying fine. I just don't understand how I can get Frequency to display an arbitrary value like those above, and also display on the sime line as the "times" Can anyone help please?

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    What is arbitrary value? any value from -1.7E +308 to 1.7E +308?

    to print 2 values on the same line use:

    int time = 100;
    double value = 5.00001800;
    printf("&#37;d %10.8f\n",time,value);
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