Thread: How do you sort a 2 Dimensional Array?

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    How do you sort a 2 Dimensional Array?

    I was just wondering how do I sort a 2 dimensional array?

    char testArray[5][11];
    strcpy( testArray[0], "hello");
    strcpy( testArray[1], "Hello");
    strcpy( testArray[2], "1hello");
    strcpy( testArray[3], "2hello");
    strcpy( testArray[4], "Ello");

    Thus the sorted will be...

    Anyone know how to do this?

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    Figure out how to compare two strings with strcmp(), and then sort your array with some algorithm, like insert sort.

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    I got it to sort by ASCII order... But How do I sort by Alphabetical Ascii?

    Such as...
    instead of: A, B, C, D, a, b, c, d
    it will be: A, a, B, b, C, c, D, d

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    Oh, nevermind, its sorted by Ascii.

    Thanks for the suggestion of strcmp

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    In case you wanted to have in-case-sensitive string comparison, there are a few things you could do:
    • Use the non-standard function stricmp(). Quite a few people recommend this, but I don't -- namely because it is not standard. Borland might have it, but that doesn't mean my compiler does.
    • Convert all the strings to lower- or upper-case. Not good if you want to get the strings again with mixed case. (See what happened to DOS when they tried this! . . . .)
    • Write your own string comparison function. This is the best idea. And really, it's not that hard.
      int case_insensitive_strcmp(const char *one, const char *two) {
          char a, b;
          do {
              a = tolower(*one);
              b = tolower(*two);
              if(a < b) return -1;
              else if(a > b) return 1;
          } while(*one++ && *two++);
          return 0;

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