Thread: Interacting with USB device

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    Interacting with USB device

    Hi guys,
    Is there a way to get input from a USB device with C. I want to take the input from my USB capture card and then output it using Winamp or something.


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    This is definitely not "beginner" stuff. USB is a common protocol that supports a wide range of devies, and whilst the protocol is pretty much specified in public specifications, that's like saying that TCP/IP is a strict protocol - but the content in the TCP packets can be just about anything - likewise, USB packets can contain whatever the device provider thinks makes sense to them. The lower level drivers are generic, so any device gets handled by the same low-level drivers, but the higher level is managed by device-specific drivers that understand those packets.

    Once it goes high enough in the device hieararchy, it becomes a standard device of some sort (such as a capture device, a mouse device or modem device for example). These support a standard protocol, that is defined by Microsoft, but there is often "special" things that are specific to that particular device.

    And of course playing something back in WinAMP isn't necessarily straightforward either - I've never tried. [Nor have I worked with USB drivers, but I have a pretty good handle on Windows device driver architecture in general, and I know well enough to describe overall how it works - even if I don't know EXACTLY how it works].

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