Thread: need some more help with interegers in loops.

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    need some more help with interegers in loops.

    inside my function, i need these statements to work.
    the function is.

    void enter(struct date *pdate, char desc[ ])

     check = 0;
      while(check != 1)
            printf("Enter the day: (between 1 and 31) ");
            scanf("%d", &pdate->day);
            if (&pdate->day <= 31 && &pdate->day >= 1)

    im getting the error.
    ISO C++ forbids the comparison between pointers and intergers.

    how would i fix this?

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    &pdate->day <= 31 && &pdate->day >= 1
    ampersands should be removed
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    Except for the one in the scanf() call, change &pdate->day to pdate->day. You do not want to compare the address of pdate->day, but the value of pdate->day.
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    makes sense ill give it a try

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