Thread: Is this correct?

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    Is this correct?

    An operating system provides access to systems program for editing,compiling, and so on.

    curious and doubted about it..

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    It all depends on what you define as an operating system

    My definition is that the operating system contains code to maintain all system resources in a defined way to all users of the system. The operating system implements this in the form of "system calls" and/or "system services".

    Editing a file will use some of those resources in the form of reading a file, letting you change the contents (e.g. typing in new text, using the mouse cursor to mark text then hitting delete, etc), and writing the new version of the file back to the storage medium. But the text-editor that you may use for this purpose is, in my definition of an "Operating system" not part of the operating system itself.

    The compiler is generally not part of the OS either, in that it is just another application (a mighty complex one, but so is a CAD application that can help you design a Boeing 747 - and this is also clearly not part of the OS) - it uses the system calls to read files, write files, etc, but it's not part of the operating system.

    Now, another definition may be that the OS is "what comes on the CD-ROM (or DVD-ROM) when you get the product in the box from the supplier", in which case you certainly will get some sort of text-editor, and in the case of Linuxy, you will also get a gcc compiler on the disk, along with a few other compilers and tools to develop application code.

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    then may i noe exactly what provide an access to system programs for editing, compiling, and so on?

    coz it sounds to me that operating system is the thing..

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