Thread: how to continuously send mouse coordinates to serial port using c??

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    how to continuously send mouse coordinates to serial port using c??

    hi all... i'm new here n i need help. can anyone give me program to continuously send mouse coordinates to serial port using c?? i need program for both types of mice: optical mouse and standard ball mouse. if program is readily available anywhere pl provide the link. thanks.

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    No one is going to do your work for you, your 'random' username also suggests this is homework -- and you don't want anyone finding out.

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    When you say "continously", do you mean "whenever the mouse coordinates change", or even when the mouse is sitting still in one place?

    In either case, there should be plenty of examples of code that "tracks where the mouse is", for either Windows or Linux/Unix/X-Windows.

    The next step is to send this to the serial port, either periodically or using a "when changed" approach. If you us the "when changed" approach, you could probably make use of some sort of pipe to stuff each set of coordinates into the pipe and read them out in a second thread - that way, you don't have to worry about sequencing.

    Does this help you? If not, please explain which part of the problem you are struggling with, and also what OS this is intended for.

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