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    zero in c

    I am implementing a while loop where a float variable changes value several times. I want the loop to stop when the value of the variable reaches 0. I included this line in my code:
    while ( (f(c)!=0) && (ABS((b-a)/b)>=0.000005) )
    It complies, but when it executes it keeps going longer than it should (i.e. it terminates when the 2nd condition is false. it should terminate before that--when the 1st condition becomes false).

    Is there anyway that I can change my while statement to make my program run better.
    I've tried using "f(c)!=0.00000" since the variable is a float, but this doesn't work either.

    Please help.

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    Floats suck for comparisons. Typecast it to an integer, except you'll lose your precision, or better yet, sprintf() it to a buffer, then check each character to see if they're '0' or '.' ... any other character means it's not the value you want.

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    You can't compare floats for equality

    Try something like this
    do {
       // some calcs
    } while ( fabs((b-a)/b) > 0.00001 );
    This should terminate the loop when the answer is 'close enough'. It's up to you to define what close enough is.

    But bear in mind that floats have only 6 digits of precision, which means you can't compare very large numbers with very small numbers effectively.

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