Thread: concatenation of strings

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    concatenation of strings

    how we can concatenate more then two strings .
    without using multiple strcat statement.
    i have
    char *a="program";
    char *b="lang";
    char *c= "clang";
    so how can i add these strings without using two strcat.
    if i use more then one strcat .
    my execution times increases so how can i reduce it
    thank u

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    you cannot reduce execution time. You can however - write it with 1 line using sprintf

    sprintf(resbuf, "%s%s%s",a,b,c);

    Here there is a possibility of memory overrun, so I always use some snprintf equivalent
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    It's a bit of a laugh if you believe that somehow, despite the fact that you don't know how to code a string concatenate function, that you're going to (with a bit of help), write up something much more efficient than the standard library function.

    If your execution time is increasing, perhaps your function could be in-lined, but that's up to your compiler to accept or reject.

    If you'll step through your code, dollars to donuts, your code is wasting time mis-using the strcat function. When you step through your code, you'll see it.

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