Thread: sscanf does'nt parse a simple file correctly

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    sscanf does'nt parse a simple file correctly

    Hi, here's the first example

    linje from vue is the text file,
    the other linje is sscanf(); which i use like this:

    sscanf(line,"%s %f %f %f %f %f %f",&tmpline,&cameras[objnr].source_x[i],&cameras[objnr].source_y[i],&cameras[objnr].source_z[i],
    printf("linjen fra VUE: %s\n", &line);
    printf("frame: %i cam?: %s",i, &tmpline);
    printf("X: %f Y: %f\n",cameras[objnr].source_x[i],cameras[objnr].source_y[i]);

    Can anyone see a problem with that sscanf statement?


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    One thing I see: Assuming tmpline is a character array which has been properly a string, it should be passed without the address-of operator.

    sscanf(line, "%s %f...", tmpline, &cameras[objnr].source_x[i]...);
    But looking at the pastebin, it appears your parsing is off anyway. You probably need to revisit the manual for sscanf.

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    when using %s format - you need to pass a pointer to the string
    because buffer - is array of chars - you do not need to use & before it...

    To make a more full check - you need to post variable declarations as well
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