Thread: Bitwise operation

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    Bitwise operation

    I tried the following program. Hex value works allright, but the decimal value gives me some negative numbers. What do do. Please any help. Thanks in advance.

    #include <stdio.h>
    void main(void)
    	unsigned x, y;
    	printf("Hex=%x\n", y);
    	printf("Decimal=%d", y);

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    Don't lie to printf: tell it that the number you're printing is unsigned using the proper format specifier (specifically, %u).

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    Use &#37;u to print an unsigned int. Also main() returns int, not void, and you should put an explicit "return 0;" at the end of main().

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    Taking the 1's complement of 0x00f0 yields 0xff0f. (Or, in the case of a 4 byte int, 0xffffff0f)
    With the leftmost bit being on, and the int being defined as signed by default, you'll get a negative number.

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    thank you very much. &#37;u works.

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