Thread: Reading from the Ethernet card.

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    Reading from the Ethernet card.

    Hello to all.

    I'm developing a simple sniffer using, for now, the library set: libpcap. I'm using this functions to open the socket for reading.

    	int sock;
    	char *dev;
    	char errbuf[PCAP_ERRBUF_SIZE];
    	/*Find the Ethernet interface*/
    	dev = pcap_lookupdev(errbuf));   
    	/*Show the interface name found*/
    	printf("Reading from: %s\n",dev);
    	/* Open the socket to read only Ethernet frames*/
    	/* Associate the socket to the interface found */
    This is working fine, but the problem is that my PC has two interface cards (eth0 and eth1). I would like to choose the card I want to sniff and function pcap_lookupdev() only returns the first one it finds to be up.

    Is there another way to achieve this?


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    Hey I found the way to get the list of interfaces. Here is how (for for those interested in the subject)

    /* Show the list of interfaces to the user. */
               pcap_if_t *interface_list;
               pcap_if_t *if_list_ptr;
               int result;
               int i;
               /* Ask libpcap for the list of interfaces */
               result = pcap_findalldevs(&interface_list, errbuf);
               if (result == -1) {
                    fprintf(stderr, "%s\n", errbuf);
               /* Show them to the user */
               if_list_ptr = interface_list;
               i = 0;
               while (if_list_ptr) {
                    if (if_list_ptr->description) {
                        printf("%d. %s (%s)\n", i, if_list_ptr->name,
                    else {
                        printf("%d. %s\n", i, if_list_ptr->name);
                    if_list_ptr = if_list_ptr->next;
                    i += 1;

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    oh, that is really cool, I need this kind of stuff ..

    good days...

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